They Can Get Bigger............

My breasts and nipples were typical.  I was not really aware of my nipples sexually until I met Kxxx.  She loved nipple play.  It was always the focus of foreplay.  We would twist, pull, torment and suck each others for a long time!  After that, I was hooked!  I knew that she wanted my nipples bigger, so I got some suction cups.  They worked, but only can do so much.  I then invested in a vacuum pump and nipple cylinders(on sale at Xtreme Restraints right now).  They worked for me - checks my pics for an old pic.   I also got the breast cylinders that also worked for me.  Again, check my pics.  I would apply the nipple cylinders and then the breast cylinders over them and really pump!  I used lots of lotion.  What a turn on!  Be careful - you can over do it.  I am trying to bring myself to pumping my nipples and then getting them pierced.  Some say pumping does not work - but I have before and after pics.

Also, pump then hard and immediately put on tight t-shirt afterward.  HOT!

JackieWould JackieWould
2 Responses Jul 28, 2009

when you put on the tight t-shirt are you braless?? if you are i wish i could see that. i know i'm bad. never seen niples in real, want to so bad, pics of you would be nice. i 52 and have c.p. and women thinks it is bad to show me there **** or niples, but i am a guy too!!

You are sooo right,my feeling and experience exactly.I have used nipple suction cups and it has made a significant difference and gave me my larger,perky sensative nipples that I now have and even some breast developement!