I Enjoy Naughty Men

I told a story earlier where I explaind that my family have a house in south of Spain where I love to spend time. This is where i started to understand that sexually I have a slutty personality even if I am a very straight girl in normal life.

In the street with have our apartment a guy from Holland has his house. He is 57 years old (Erwind) and more or less always there with friends.

I started going to him for some wine and beer and hang around the pool, he was very direct and asked if I could be naked when I visited.....I love being naked so that was fine with me. I enjoed the feeling of walking around the pool being admired of him, sitting down on his lap and feel his C....under my *** and soon feel it inside me. He always wisper dirty words in my ear when I sit like that...it feels very naughty and hot at the same time just slowly getting Fu.....like that by him. We never finish quickly, we played, stopped and started playing again later keeping the hornyness strong for hours.

We where swimming, I ********** for him...sitting on his face, i suck his **** and lick him for a long time every time I am there, always out in the sunshine.

He told me two summers ago that he would have friends around for the summer and he wanted me to visit while they where there. He asked me nicely if i had anything against playing around with him and two of his friends in the same way we used to do. I felt comfortable with him and told him that if they where nice guys as well that was just very exicting.

I came down one day adter they had arrived and to other men about the same age as him where there, Armin and Robert. They where already naked all of them and I joined in, we had drinks at the bar both of his friends was commenting my body, touching me just a little in a nice way and I felt again very turned on and safe. I looked at Erwind and he just looked at me in a way saying go ahead. I went down on my knees in the bar and started sucking Armin, Robert was playing with me from behind and I felt just great. I was the only girl outside in the sunshine around a pool getting played with by three adult men. We went over to the lounge bed and quickly I had them in all my holes. I felt so sexy and wild being just used in a nice way, they where not to hard with him, gentle but direct and they told me nonstop how much they enjoyd a slutty young body like mine. They asked me to begg for their Co.....and i did. This was the start for me meeting Erwinds friends and this was not the last time I went down to his house to get men to fill me up....i loved it, felt special.

More stories will come.....

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