Who Is Left In My Family

My only immediate is my sister we are close/far mentally.  The rest of my family are far away and even if they were nearby there would only be strife.  Alcoholism and addiction rules their world.  They don't give a crap when I went to visit recently; my sister felt the same way.  She is supersensitive and said she felt like 'throw-away,' on her visit. My uncle who she is close with didn't even show up at the airport.  My aunt acts like she is interested in me and my sister but it's like she likes newsworthy stuff she can share with the rest of the family rather than sincere concern.  Too bad our famliy was never really a family.

ivoryone ivoryone
3 Responses Apr 8, 2009

Lucky you...you got to adopt your boyfriend's family. Lucky for you!

Me too sweetheart. Me and my sibbblings were the blacksheep on my fathers side of the familly and always got dumped on. On my moms side they are all catty and drama explosive! So I just adopted my boyfriends familly as mine.

Family is a blessing and curse all in one sadly. It is possible to make your own family with adopting friends instead of bloodline to your family. It's different but can still be great.