Want My Life Back

Lately I have been losing friends..i have been in a relationship for almost 2 yrs...i have been married for 7 1/2 months...i have been feeling like my friends are out to get me...some of my friends dont know each other but most of them do and they are all on my facebook anyway when I tell one friend something about me and my husband relationahip or I talk about my daughter I feel like they spread my business cause it either gets post up on facebook but in their own way or I have a convo with a different friend and they say the exact samething I told my other girlfriend...im so confused..i wonder if its just a de ja vu thing or if they are spreading my life to everyone...or sometimes I wonder if its my husband because some days I dont talk to my friends and then when I talk to them tgey say things I have told my husband...i wonder if its my husband messing w me or them or am I just straight up going crazy plz somebody help me
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Thank you:) since I have caught on too it things have slowed dwn...me and my husbamd communicate alot more than we use too...im alot happier know because he finally realize I wasnt happy..his dad babysits for us every other we so we can have date nights..since I havent told anybody about whats going on im my life this past week and told my husband how I feel things have chamge for the better I can complain...nothing about my life has been posted on facebook..thank ypu for ypur advice:)

I think maybe, you should temporarily quit facebook, it seems like facebook is creating a lot of drama with people and these so-called friends too!! You dont have to cancel and delete anything, you can just put your account on 'hold' and it temporarily suspends it until you want to open it up again. <br />
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I think you should DEFINITELY talk to your husband seriously about what is going on and how you feel, tell him about these people and how it is making you think that he is involved and you dont want to blame him but you just want to sort things out in your mind.<br />
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Can any of your friends or family watch your daughter while you take a break and go out? Or maybe get a babysitter? Maybe you and your husband can both go out, on a date to talk about life, and everything. I think it's important for you to have a break, and it's also important to be able to communicate with your husband often, at least everyday. <br />
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I hope things get better for you, please don't feel like you're paranoid, you probably just realize something is wrong and want to solve it...nothing wrong with that! :)