Through The Looking Glass

most every day   i get up from sleeping and make my way to the bathroom. i look in the mirror and try to puzzle out what i am seeing.  who i see is always familiar, slightly changing over time but still very familiar.  this morning was not unlike the majority of mornings except for just a few things.
  this morning, when i looked in the mirror,there was something different.  i still saw my face,but it wasn't as familiar.  i actually could see who i was and i could see all the things-like hope, sadness,intelligence,and kindness. the dreamer in me was there too. 
  so after standing there, in front of the mirror, for what seemed like only a few minutes,i let my mind wander and dream.
   i stepped into the life i always imagined for myself.  some would choose  wealth and glamor, or lime light. that is not me.
   i realized i was living in an isolated cabin. the air was brisk and clear and the only sounds were those of the wildlife drifting from the woods near by.  i was dressed in comfortable jeans and shirt and work boots.  there are chores to be done before breakfast.  i tended to my horse  then the chickens and the few other animals that lived on my property with me. i made myself a wonderful breakfast  and then sat on my front porch enjoying a strong cup of coffee.  the whole day was ahead of me, like a blank page waiting to be filled with the next adventure.  i decided to pack a small lunch and of course a few apples and carrots for zander my horse. today was made for a long ride and a picnic.
  we ambled along one of the many trails we have walked along so many times before. this one lead down to a creek that bubbled across the smooth rocks on it's floor.    here, i could sit on it's bank  and let the next story i was going to write form and flow through my mind just like the bubbling water.   zander would graze and rest under the maple trees , while i formulated my next chapter.  we both would enjoy the lunch i packed, and reluctantly after several hours , we;d make our way back home. 
    i'd tend my garden and check on the animals,collect wood for the fireplace and tidy up my cabin.  now it's time to set my thoughts to paper. this book is knitting together well  like a comfortable aphgan made of the softest yarn.  it is  comfortable. i get such satisfaction , when i see what i have created. soon this story will be ready to send to the publishers.
 it's early evening and time to make sure all the animals are secured and fed  for the night.  once those chores are done the night is mine.  after getting cleaned up i take my jeep to the small town that's about 10 miles from the cabin. the local bar/restaurant  is busy and everyone there knows each other. it's a lot like a big family gathering-with the loud aunt who is the acting bartender. the prankster uncle mingling with everyone and making everyone laugh. the grandpas sitting at the bar telling their stories they have told thousands of times before. of course there are the mothers and grandmothers, making sure everyone is getting a bite to eat. even though this is a very small town with a miniscule population , the food coming out of this kitchen is worthy of a 5 star rating just like some of the best restaurants in the big city. my standing dinner order is a rare porterhouse steak-mashed red potatoes and fresh out of the garden sliced tomatoes. could it get any better?
  it can and it does. the locals are fine musicians and my night out is made all the better by enjoying good music and a couple of drinks.  i lose my self in the music and dance and  just let go and enjoy.   the night passes too quickly-but i make my way back to my cozy cabin. i start a small fire in the fireplace to push back the chill.  and in total contentment, i snuggle in to my bed ready to dream and to do it all over again tomorrow.   
  i catch myself smiling-and the familiar face in the mirror is smiling back. 
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Mirror , Mirror , on the wall....
You better hang onto that mirror, worth a fortune.