i'm a happy person, yeah i have those days when everything is bad, but i have good days to, but sometimes when i lay down at night...i wounder about cutting, like does it really help you? does it really make you feel better? i'm not trying to feel sorry for myself or get attion, but i don't wanna bottle things ups anymore, i have one tried, but i didnt cause i knew it was gonna make me feel even worse, i'm a mormon, i have mormon friends, i do go to to church, i do have ok friends, but i'm scared to ask them or tell them, and my moms are out of the question! theyll just say i'm feeling sorry for myself or say that lifes tough its gonna be like that forever, and stuff, sometimes then even make me cry at times, but i'm scared to get help cause theyll tell my mom, then she'll yell at me for not telling her or talking about to her, she was beat as child, her parents didnt care about her, her older sister was a jerk, she never got beat but my mom always did, and even though she won't hit me, i'm still scared, i love my mom i would tell her everything but she wouldnt ubderstand, and i know lifes hard, and its gonna harder when i'm older, as if i don't know that, but does cutting help? does it set you free? what does it do? and if i did start (which i won't cause its wrong and cutting my body the the lord gave to me) how would i hide it? longsleevs? but what about the summer? how will i hide them then? i can wear longsleeves all the time, i'll faint (i have dievities so if i wear something that is too hot i will pass out) what do you do then?
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no... please dont start cutting. read my story called "today i..." its about me cutting. look at that picture! i started cutting when i was 12, then i stopped, but i started back up in October, i cant STOP cutting, and people give me funny looks, and they point and stare. So dont start, because you'll think that everyone is looking at your cuts(burns, bruises). Cutting does more pain than good.

It does more pain than good that's why u have to stop while u can. U have to find that certain person that gives u the will to stop. I was a really bad cutter for a while.. But I found that person that I knew if I cut this person...I could see the look on there face and thr dissapoinment and I just stopped.. If either of u want to talk to me I'm here!!

people already look at me funny, i mean its not like cutting will make a diffrentce, i've tried not to thing about, i really have but, i don't know anymore, i mean, i have no friends (off the internet) all the kids chance me, & I'M HOME SCHOOLED! i already have scareing because i'm a tomboy, but, people look at me weird all the damn time, so its not like they can see my pain, i have really nobody, my mom, ok, but she doesnt understand! she just critazies me, i have really no one, i mean my EP friends are great, but i get scared to say things like this because....i don't want annoy my friends or other people..

and self harming

I HATE ALL THE SCARS ON MY BODY AND THE BURNS but its too late now i wish i saw this before i start cutting

Don't start cutting. Go to the mirror. Look at your body. Now imagine it covered in cuts, scabs, scars, burns and bruises. Eventually, you'll hate those scars. You can't go swimming, always have to wear long sleeves, and the hiding makes you feel out of control. But you'll be so caught up in it by the time you realise how bad it is, it'll be too late to stop. Stay strong xoxo

i have been, but lifes being a ***** to me, i can't take it anymore! and i already have thoes, from the kids at school

If you cut you'll be letting them win. xo

doent matter, they already did along time ago

You're better than staying down! xo

i've tried to get up but the more i do the more they puch me down again, i think i should just stay down, th

When you get out of the school, do you really want the constant reminders on your arms for the rest of your life?


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I have a lot of friends who do cut on here. They get addicted. I said to a couple of them that wherever they cut, I will cut just so that they know how they are making other people feel about it.... letting them know that people care for them.... I find trying to ask people not to is a waste of time, so I have to speak with actions.....
Some of them hate what they have done to their arms yet they keep doing it.... They can't stop it. If you start then there is no going back, also be sure not to go too deep if you do.... cutting can actually kill. Covering up is the next thing. You will find yourself wearing hoodies or whatever all the time.... You won't want people to see your arms.... Talk to BrokenDreamer about it....

idk.. i always where hoddies anywaysso it wont change

But I can assure you that it won't bring any good...

I don't think it helps..... I have never tried it though but like don't some people hate the scars even more, like a reminder of what **** happened. Idk I would advise against it. Face things.