My Baby Sister Has Chosen to Kick Me Out of Her Life!


2 weeks ago I had come across my bio (Gave up for adoption) sons myspace page,I saw where he had wrote in the My Hero section (My Mom) and he is speaking of my mum who had adopted him but had come to regret later,anyway he spoke of how he had no photos of her so I sent him one and then I scrolled further down his page and in the (Who I want to meet section) he had wrote a vile and disgusting post,it pertained to a police officers wife,it was graphic and detailed wot he would do this officers wife so I contacted the police department via e-mail and informed them wot he had said and then I decided from then on I would never check his page out again and I haven't but then my  sister called my house while I was at work and accused my husband of sending the e-mail which he did not and that she wanted to know why so when I got home that night my husband left me a nasty note telling me that I had involved him and used his e-mail address to send the e-mail,I did not use his but my own so I got on the computer and forwarded the e-mail I had sent to the police department which shows my e-mail address and not his,the next day he called me from work and aopolgised but by then I was really angry at him for even thinking I would do something like that,I then e-mailed my sister telling her that my husband had nothing to do with this and I did not let her know it was I and the reason is she has always bailed this boy of any situation and when she said she had hired a defense lawyer for him and paid his bail I was angry,she wrote back with the boys police file attached,after reading through it I understood why she had thought it was my husband,in the file it shows him as a witness which makes no sense because we live in NY and they live in Okla,and it also has our home address on the file as well and she went on to tell me that if I could not come up with a viable reason why my husbands name was on the file she then would not have anything to say to me ever again,now this is where I get angry,had my husband done this my sister would be too fast in alienating me from her life,she did this to me once before many yrs ago and I did not speak with her for 5 yrs,I gave my son up for adoption because he was a product of rape and my mum never believe me,she in fact told me I should not have lain with the father and spread my legs,that is a crude and mean statement to make,ye see her nephew whom is also my 1st cousin was my rapist and today I still have a big scar on my forehead from his beating which is a daily reminder,anyway I tried to bond with the boy but it wasn't in my heart,I had no love for him and had a good catholic family picked out to adopt him,I made the mistake of calling my mum and telling her this,she got angry at me and that was when she said wot she said and I will never forget that,the next day I got a shock,my mum had flown out to calif to take my son and I told her it was a really bad idea because the genetics involved and the bloodline too close but she wouldn't hear of it so I agreed to sign the papers,now moving forward yrs later,I was married and living in AK when my mum called me and told me she my son was acting out and that he wanted to live with his real mum (me) which I was not keen on at all so my then husband and I discussed it and told her 1 month only,bigggest mistake we ever made,she brought the boy who then was 13 yrs old,from the 1st day of school he was a problem,every single day the school called me and told me something he wasn't suppose to be doing,it finally came to a head 2 wks after his arrival,he had gone down to the break water and cut every single fuel line on the fishermens boats which cost us over $2,000.00 dollors to repare so i called my mum up and told her I was putting the boy on the first flight back to Okla the next day,she got really pissed of at me and told me it was my turn and it was time for me to start acting like a real mum to him,had she been in front of me I would have clocked her arse for that,anyway I did as I said I would do,I put him on the first flight back and that night my sister called me up yelling at me how mum was tired and could not handle the boy and that I pretty much bailed out on her so I told my sister then to never ever call me again and she didn't,it wasn't until 5 yrs later that I had gone to see my older sister and she wanted to go visit our mum and I didn't want to but was talked into it,we get out of the car and there she was with my sister,she came up to me to hug me but i pulled back as I did with my sister as well,they must have thought everything was okay but it wasn't,I never forget those that have done me wrong and they both did,but  as time went on I finally decided to let go of my anger and try to have a relationship again with both of them,there are many things I learned through the yrs afterwards,like that fact my mum tried to kill herself while preggie with me so knowing i wasn't wanted before I was even born is a tough cookie to swallow,why she told me this I will never know,any way I had moved to Okla and had gotten settled then one day my mum asked me if I would baby sit the son and I told her I already had plans with my own daughter for the state fair and she wanted me to take him as well and I told her no because this was mother/daughter time and she again through it in my face that he never asked to be born and that she would not ever forgive me giving him up,well isn't that calling the kettle see before my mum ever had me she had 2 older children,a son and a daughter whom she gave up for adoption for a man,the man was my father,she claims he told her that he would not raise anothers mans children,I wonder now if that wa the truth,so ye see I have been put through this muck twice by my sister so I have decided on my own I no longer want anythign to do with her again,oh and becasue she was the one to send me the boys file it is in black and white exactly wot he wrote on his myspace page but yet she says he is innocent and that he and she did not deserve this,well I feel he dioes,he was gross and disgusting in wot he said and since she is defending him I no longer want any association with her as long as she keeps bailing him out so I am done with her for good!

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