I Am A Captive

 I grew up and believed in the American Dream like all other Americans. I really believed the Constitution, equality,and  the American Way. Especially in Freedom and Freedom of Speech. 
  Little did I know watching on TV at age 7 the murder of a President (live footage) and the heinous beating of a  WBRZ Johnson Anchorman in front of the Temple Theater in Baton Rouge La. by a crowd incited by Malcom X, Jesse Jackson and other Black Panther Leaders on the top of a white Cadillac Just because Mr. Johnson was white (live footage).
   I watched stories on TV a Rev. Martin Luther King murdered because he believed in freedom of speech and because he was black. (exerts from live footage).
   I grew up watching friends, family being drafted for a Political War in Vietnam dying, being maimed, or taken captives by the most horrifying of people most never to be found again. (exerts of live footage).
 I watched on Tv as our people drafted by our Government made to be soldiers trying to save infants and children strapped with bombs getting blown up with them until they realized that the victims also filled with bamboo spores should be given mercy. While our Country's own people called them baby killers. (exerts of live footage).
   Our own people at home in demonstration and our own people forced to be soldiers being gunned down in Freedom of Speech demonstrations by our own people in the National Guard. (exerts of live footage).
   Should I have been surprised when Police Officers used a battering ram to force their way into our home with out prior notice and without a search warrant based soley on the opion of one person allegations of child abuse and convicted us solely on supposition and allegations. Wherein we were not even listed as Defendants nor, our children. Even when we proved ourselves innocent we could not effect the return of children..
   Then where we went the allegations followed even after 14 years after the events when we won our children back. Traumatized, terrorized with permanent injuries from abusive foster parents.
  My family is hunted down again we were forced in to surrendering our parental  rights involuntary and because five could not sustain anymore abuse in foster homes. We had them placed with a relative so we could turn to fight with everything thing we had for a sixth child because all the Government wanted to do was permanently Institutionalize our daughter age now 14.
    We won custody and possession of our daughter from a mental institution Farrel and illiterate.  We have been heinously tracked and denied services and even medical care for our once Farrel and illiterate daughter now permanently developmentally delayed daughter. 
  Still hunted by our captors, chased to our American Siberia Alaska in hopes of having a life Only to find  we are still captives.
  After years of traumatic stress one after another for now 32 years because of failing health denied assistance by our Government Benefits to remain in our home, denial of medical care and treatment of any of our benefits. We have been forced into an Assisted Living Home where we are forced to reside.
   We are denied an Advocate that really advocate for us to leave here to a handicapped apartment wherein our benefits state least restrictive environment and to be allowed to live in our own home.
  No say in our medical  treatment, no say in what medications we take. No say in our being dressed for the day all in an Assisted Living Home. Retaliated on if we object or say anything about any of this.
  We are captives deemed to die here.
 There is an old saying for Mercy sake " They shoot Horses don't they".

Dolores71 Dolores71
Dec 11, 2010