"your Hurt Runs Deep"

The title is something a "friend" said to me before abandoning me and never talking to me again. I'm glad we are no longer friends because this person was not nice to me and not sensitive to my issues and put me down more than uplifting me.

Basically I don't have any friends, the couple of "friends" I have are long distance. They never call or text me, whenever we talk I'm the one reaching out to them all the time.

No one in my family calls to check up on me, when we talk again, its always me reaching out to them, if I didn't it would probably be a few months before I hear from 1 person.

I've never been in a relationship. I always feel invisible to the opposite sex. I thought this one guy may have liked me but when I saw him talking to a cute blond girl, he looked directly at me but didn't even wave or say hi to me. I feel like such a fool for even thinking he may have had feelings for me. Such a fool for opening up to him.

Am I just meant to be a loner my entire life? Don't I deserved to be cared about too?
Hydronica Hydronica
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

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