No Redemption, Dying Slowly

please forgive my spelling enlish is not my first language.I grew up in quite a normal family 11 children of which a brother died recently of cancer both my parents also died of cancer.I was what a persone should 'be' did well at school won many beaty competitions went to university, optained two degrees and may other academic achievements. almost five years ago I lost my job and everything went crasy and bad. I was introduced to a guy by a 'friend' of mine.
I think agreeing to meet with person was the biggest mistake of my life ever. at first things went well after a while i found evidence of him cheating on me with the friend who introduce me to him and with many others i started to drink he would dehuminize me on a daily basis he called me less than a dog all this time he blamed me for his cheating. I went a way for a while came back and has given me a sexually transmitten desease. I have lost my family and have no where to go have prayed to God to send someone on my way to help me as I know im slowly dying inside and in a matter odays or months I;ll take my own life. this man look at **** of teenagers and younger. He sleeps with anything and anybody. I tried to find a job to start over with my life. I ended up in rehab came out and started to drink again.on the weekend of my brothers funeral he had someone with him at home i suspect also his bisexual. He is contantly putting me down and said he loves his dog more,the dog act weird around him,sometimes i find him always having to touch the dog.I wish I was dead as I cant see a way out of here i hate every moment,especially when he touch me. his 68 years old and im 41.I have to endure many racial humiliation from him and his family. there is so much I want to tell you. but please pray for me
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Jan 18, 2013