Politics In The United States: State Of Affairs

I will first begin by stating that I don't know who will read this, but I know that I am not in the minority of individuals that believe our political system is in shambles. Year after year, decade after decade, we as Americans witness the massive degeneration of a republic that has a government that is no longer "by the people", or "for the people".

We live in a day and age when our nation's politicians are utilizing their given power to their own advantage, rather than helping the everyday person. So much so, that politicians are labeled as common thieves and criminals. What I see today is that of a political system that is corrupt, devoid of compassion, and overall lacking in leadership.

We currently have a President who has done well despite circumstances, and tried to work with his constituents, taking the fault for things he did not do. He isn't perfect and yes he has made various blunders over his time, but he is just one of the many in our political system that have become the staple of what many view as wrong in American politics.

Then there is the U.S. Congress. Congress has the lowest approval rating of any Congress in U.S. History and rightfully so. Most of the Republican lead Congress has chosen to balk at anything the President or fellow Democrats put forth for any type of settlement or agreement. It has become quite tedious as we watch the Congress that was elected to provide stability, turn their backs on the American people and scoff at the tradition of the political system.

The point is, our system is now failing. We as voters have a responsibility, but can we day that we are doing it diligently? Are we voting just because of our party line, instead of who we feel would make a difference? We will see our country divulge further into the abyss as long as we have bad leadership within our realms.
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Thanks to both of you ladies for your comments! I just think that our political system is not only corrupt, but it is quite disappointing.

You got that right!