My Ode To Noah's Ark

An old story, but has to be explained
Because we are in, the same times again
Everyone thought Noah had a screw loose
Cos the divine told him; build an ark of wood
And to expect a flood: Immense proportions

The reason why was kept from Noah
He had his work cut out anyway for sure
And concentrated on the task in hand
With the help of his family clan
The flood was coming: quick as you can

The flood came and went; still no clue about
The reasons why; he gave his life: Devout
Even in the bible: not clear at all why
Noah built the ark; gave up his life
For water receding; and a a land that’s dry

Before the flood; two and a third billion
And afterwards: three thousand two hundred
Designed for: the Canaanites: getting rid
A better world; for it to bring
With a view to end all of today’s suffering

Cain was never killed by the divine
Devil spawn Cain: devoid of a conscience
For killing his own brother Abel
Quite simply: was termed an animal
So all his relatives just had to go

But the flood failed to wipe out all of
The Caananites, and all their families
But they did have cosmic help too
Survive the flood, descendent's control you
I'm not a liar, I tell the truth

But the story just doesn't end there
Cain’s relatives used some soothsayers
And were able to formulate a plan
To lead their descendent's totally astray
And abject greed; on it to pray
And we are at this very point today

Helped by bible self fulfilling prophecy
The same people wrote Revelation
And those people wont be doing heaven
Talking of punishment; The ultimate

Thousands of years before Noah's family
The Caananites used prophets like me
And found out what the divine would do
The water subsided; would scrape up
All the rubbish; sweep it under the rug

Or encase it under a methane glacier
Planned To re-appear much later
But this is the trumpet of the lord
Strange sounds; all continents being heard
The methane glacier is melting for sure

Cos the Canaanites were really clever
And built whole cities made of gold
Knowing what the divine would do
That’s get a really big scoop
And hide it all in a methane glacier

Corexit is used to mine methane
I’m betting to you this sounds insane
The powers that be don't want the truth
Spread to the likes of me and you
They are mining 80 tonnes a week: true

but everyone who lives high up
Will be gassed to death: Methane poisoning
Other words: Mesospheric re-conditioning
Fifty percent methane all high up
Means all the residents are truly stuffed

But what a way to go anyway
Surrounded by all that amazing nature
In the east: intact spiritually
The divine will look after definitely
Unlike those that are doing
All this sick stuff to both you and me
41-45, M
2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

It's funny to me that in this age of reason people still believe that earth could have been entirely flooded. When an educated person steps back and looks at the entire story they can conclude that this story is just that, a story. It's purpose is simple. Keep your faith. The entire logistic of the planet flooding is ridicules. However, a valley flooding is easily possible. Think about it. If you lived 3500 years ago and you saw that everything you ever knew of was under water then you would conclude that the world had flooded, and you would be right. The world is different than the planet. The world is a personal perspective of everything that one person knows. However the planet consists of many worlds living together on one planet, planet Earth.

Your god seems quite prepared and ready to destroy that which he created...why would a being of pure love do this?