If Only Ot Were True

The title should say it all but it seems a few hunters on my street have been out to get me. I have it settled though so do not be alarmed my friends.
AdarSparty17 AdarSparty17
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dont worry there are hunters near my dads house as well who know i am a wolf.


Yep. they tried to attack me once but i won. bearly


It was hard but i am here so it is all good. but they still live here even after i kicked there ***

I would have killed them >.>

Yeah but they did some werid stuff to weaken me. i will tell.you about that later


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your a wolf? :o


are you a friendly one?

Yes, the movies and rumors are lies.

howcome you get to be a wolf..and i dont..i hate being human:/

I was born into it. Yes well humans aren't so bad except for hunters :/

They are..:/

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