Just By Being With My Feelings

Just by acting on my feelings and being true to myself. Even when it feels that people don't approve of my new personality or attitude. Even when I feel like I'm not being me anymore and feel awfully strange with my choice of actions. Knowing if I behave in a Non atttaching way, I would seem cold and distance.

It also makes me feel a real sense of relief, the power to experience life moments without feeling concern about anyone but myself.
jerkina jerkina
36-40, F
1 Response Aug 11, 2010

I like non attachment very much, beyond just being a concept it's great how much it can help the heart grow and help with the stresses of others and life in general. I take great joy in practicing this, I and find great beauty in how much we can be shaped by it by learning to strengthen non attachment through our walks in life.