I'll Let My Dreams Wander

He walks in and my heart beats a little faster as my stomach gets nervous. Nothing exciting is about to happen, but just seeing him gets me excited. I wonder if I weren't with Anthony, if we would ever have a chance together. However, every time I get this thought it quickly fades away. You see Anthony and I have a sort of comfort with eachother, I can tell him anything, cry to him, and vent to him. But these are all things I can do wit hmy friends, which brings me back to the orignial question.

Blake walks closer, but hasn't noticed me yet, which is good because it gives me a little longer to evaluate everything I desire from him. His body. Strong, defined, perfect. He's not too skinny, not too muscular. He's tall, but not awkwardly tall. His body is the one you know you could lean against and feel totally safe in his prescence.

I look away, so that when he glances my way we can pretend to be surprised at the same time.

It happens, he looks my way, and even though I have already seen him, already studied him, my heart starts to beat fast again. I give him a big smile, one of my favorite qualities of myself and then I wave. He gives me a smirk and seems excited to see me as he waves, his eyes meeting mine.

This is the part I hate most. The part that he always seems like he's into you. But I can't get caught up in the trap, surely he does this to every girl. And although I know I'm much more attractive than his current girlfirned, I don't think I'm attractive enough to be his girlfriend... Plus, I have to remind myself, I'm already taken. I've been taken and myself and Anthony have no problems. But perhaps that's a problem within itself.

Without any problems, how is the fire going to light within is. I was to always be hanging on the edge, I want the guy with the perfect everything, not just one I'm used to being around. And that guy is Blake.

He turns around because he forgot something and he makes a funny face and then oh-so cutely turns back around to get it. On his way back through I try to ignore him, try to leave him hanging.. but at the last second I just can't do it and I look up to see him looking at me. He gives me a wink, once again, playing mind games.

I don't know when I'll see him again, as I don't see him much. Will it be out or will it be here again. Or will it be when I'm in the middle of something not prepared to see anyone. I know it will be the lattest but I will have to deal with that then. For now, I'll let my mind wander... I'll let my dreams take me to places my reality cannot.
PathofTruth PathofTruth
18-21, F
Sep 12, 2012