Where Seagulls Cry..

As much as I wanted to keep this smile and bubbly feeling since I arrived Abu Dhabi.. The shining light in my heart went dim the moment I noticed our link were gone..

The link was created so he could know me better.. A link where we keep in touch very often with photos and comments..jokes and mails..pokes and hugs.. cards and kisses.  They will only be part of my memories now.  I should have seen it coming when he switched on his UK link and showed me photos of him during his younger years last evening.. A link where his wife exist... a link where I will never want to be part of.

I knew for a fact that our link will be disconnected sooner or later... but that doesn't mean it makes me feel any better when it happened this noon. 

Maybe it makes him feel better demolishing a little by little what we had built over the months and years ... Maybe that way will make him feel at ease leaving 'us'...

The more I wanted to tell him how I feel...the more I felt is no longer a concern to him anymore.  To him removing our link is never an issue as we speak mostly via skype and gtalk but little did he know...I treasure every single bonding we built together ...cos thats all I have ...for being a sideline in his life.

Next week today... the sky will be different.  There will not be any seagulls crying...there will not be any sound of waves splashing against the shore...there will not be chilling whether....nor will there be warm hugs and kisses morning and nite.  It will just be the noice of a busy city ...tall buildings... pets running about at home...and me dressing and putting my make up on as usual for work from 8 to 5. 

This wound was never meant to happen...but I was blind and I had hope.  Only my hope will soon be washed away to the ocean...being lost at sea forever just because I love him...

Eternal Eternal
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 22, 2010

Hi Eternal,<br />
life is beaufiful and do not stop, you are still beautiful in heart, you could see the best of it hear in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, <br />
<br />
best regard,<br />
<br />
Al Yasat