Trying To Do My Thang

I am a 20 year old woman soon to be 21 this year. I have always been the caring type, love to help others when I can & be all I can be. However I have aunt that drives me crazy. Ever since I got out of high school she has been so so concern about what I do instead of letting me find my own way. I went to college for a year then I had to drop out to help my parents. Our old home at the time went into foreclosure we did not know where we were even going to be. Nobody wanted to help us move out or at least help us find another place. So we stayed with my grandmother for 8 months. This past April we moved into our new home. My mom has been unemployed for a year now, I just found a job and my dad is the only basic income coming in.There have been times where we might not eat. Right now my aunt so damn concern about me going to school but has yet to even offer my mom anything about job openings. She feels that "everybody" must go to college after high school like it's a demand or something. However right now that is not my main focus especially with all the stress that I deal with. My artwork is my main target right now. I have been an Artist since I was 3.

I am right now being mentor by an older artist on my art. It is my passion it is the only thing that keep me calm. My aunt who feels because she has a degree that she knows it all. She is one of those that can see everybody else situation clear but can never turn the mirror on herself. She stress so much about education but her own kids can not even read or comprehend. One of her kids go to summer school every year because of her grades. Her other child which she favorites so much she do her work for her. Yet she wants them to go to a top notch high school and college and that is not what they want. When she see something somebody else doing she think everybody must do the same. We keep telling her that everybody has their own path.

At the same time I am in love with my best friend and lover. Him and I are a true team. He has been there for me always and I have done the same for him. He maybe from the hood but he is no fool. He is a very respectful man and even though he has kids from a previous relationship we tend to get along just fine. Although the mother of kids can be full of drama at times. However he is a care giver to his mother and take care of his kids. We have talked and we are ready to live together but we do not want to shack up so we want to get married. I already know my aunt is going to have something to say but I am going to ignore her. It might take some time but him and I are working hard to do what need to do to start our life together the right way.

I know there are others out there who have nosey behind family members so please feel free to share your stories.
ShocKed91 ShocKed91
18-21, F
Aug 31, 2012