Why I Love Cigarettes

It is:

I can do it while I:
-Have sex
-Take a shower
-Brush my teeth

And I really don't give a **** how expensive or unhealthy they are/
Cutecolleen Cutecolleen
18-21, F
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exactly right! come and say hello....

Lovely! how many packs per day do you smoke?

Interesting list:)<br />
Sex should lead the list for me too, because I enjoyed my very first cigarette while my girlfriend was eating me out. Yep she started me smoking, and I'm really glad she did:) It was last spring, and I'd brought my boys to stay with her and her gang for a weekend of totally nude trail hiking. I was 31. Sarah was a beautifully tanned and very fit 42, and she was a very seductive smoker, all the more seductive for telling me how she'd actually never smoked at all till she decided to start on her 40th birthday. "Just to make a change," she told me. I surrendered to Sarah and to nicotine in the same breath. I'd never smoked before either, but I knew I wanted to make that same change;)<br />
Next on my list would have to be hiking. I've always had a deep respect for nature, and the American Spirit cigarettes that Sarah started me smoking are totally natural, and feel as right and fitting for the trail as my bare feet. I'm always barefoot, and I like to just drop my spent cigarettes and crush them out with my big toe, knowing that once they're out I can leave them with a clear conscience, cause they're totally biodegradable:)<br />
Tanning would have to be high on my list as well. When you do half your hiking in the nude, you really do have to be tan, but I love to tan anyway, up on my roof deck, totally nude, for hours at a time, no clothes, no sunscreens, nothing but me and my cigarettes, and maybe a tall drink and a good book:)<br />
I'd have to say no to most of the rest of the things on your list, though. The smoke I'm putting in my own lungs is my own choice, but I'm at least a good enough mom to never want to expose my kids to it, so there's no smoking inside the house for me, nor in my car. I don't mind stepping out on my porch to enjoy a cigarette, even in the winter. My bare feet are tough enough to take it.

Smokey sex is the greatest!