I'm Not Happy

I'm not happy with person i have become because i know that not many people like it to because the person i'm becoming is a person who is always depressed and i dont want to feel that at all so i think it would nice if i knew people who could help stop feeling the i am every day and all the time.
deathpreventer deathpreventer
18-21, M
1 Response Jul 14, 2010

the thing is, u probably have an empty feeling of solitude within u?<br />
feeling depressed simply comes from overreacting about sadness and being lonely and unable to fix the problem.<br />
if u keep complaining about that to ur friends then u will sure end up unhappy as much as for them, so they might try to get away to feel better themselves.<br />
in my point of view. whatever is depressing you, try to get busy and forget it. or if can, consult someone older for u to help u fix it perhaps.<br />
dont stop nd look at the present bad situation.<br />
find a solution. fix it. and get better. :)<br />
that might not be easy i know. but dependin on friends all the time to feel betta...i dont think thats gonna help as much as making u more depressed bcuz ud think u have no one left to listen to u. <br />
maybe u should try to listen to them too.<br />
u have 2 ears nd one mouth for a reason. listen more than talk.<br />
:3 well gd luck.