A Part Of Me That I Hate

In my group of friends, I'm the most shy (you know what I mean). When I am with my friends, I am loud, funny, and crazy, and I love that person, and when I'm not with them, I became the person I hate the most. I became very shy, weak, embarrass, and sometimes people mistook me of being a snob or even a foreigner. But really, I'm not. I maybe shy and weak from the outside, but in the inside I'm that strong.

I'm not that person who will just came u to you and introduce myself, I tend to wait for someone to talk to me first. I tried talking first but something in me stops me. I love to make more friends in college but my fricking shyness stops me. I only have some friends in college, but we don't see each other often or be with each other often. Whenever I enter my classroom, I am dying to come to my classmates and talk to them, but I always thought that if I do that, either I'm just fooling them or I'm making a fool out of myself. SO instead of talking to them, I bury my ears on my Ipod, bury my face on a paper and just doodle. How I wish things would go differently, my school now is the second school I'm in. Not that I was kicked out from my former school, i just transferred school because I can't take the pressure and the people in it. I only have some friends there, countable friends. Now that I have transferred, I was really planning into making more friends than ever. But my plan backfired. So now, I am known for being shy, again.

How I wish to turn back time, and be the person I want to be than the person they thought I am.

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1 Response Jul 21, 2010

I will try. ^^ Thank you for the tip, Burbuletta. Enjoy your summer too!