Who Am I

im not sure who i am at all.every since my wife cheated on me,i been trying to be tough,nonchalant like i dont care.i have weird thoughts.im ******* crazy man
26-30, M
9 Responses Jan 9, 2007

oh my i love u too !!! that was funny as hell.yea i forget that fire sometimes.but i really am doing great.i mean i just feel good except for when im drunk(yep still do that).<br />
<br />
emerald and mysplitpersonality helped make me the way i am today.my 2 lovely lady friends supported me all the way to the top.thanx girls and thnx e.p.<br />
(thats me being humble v)

MSP, you followin me today?? :O *giggles* <br />
Yo Sinister.... talk to us! :P

OMG almost forgot the fire! Mister you went through some serious crap all at once didnt' you. Glad things are getting back on track for you. :)

LMAO! YEah... several fems later! :P<br />
Don't get too cocky! YOu could start another grease fire, and look where that one put you! ;D BWahahahahaha. Kidding, luv!!


This too shall pass. I know it doesn't look like it, but it will happen.

thanx for the pep talk jobrowne.im much better now...


It happened to me as well... I did not let myself loose, instead I controlled myself. Stick to being rational. Mediated, prayed, involved myself in work, loved my family, made new friends and finally I came out of it. The past no longer haunts me..! Wish you the same.