Not Myself

lately ive been feeling really down and 'not myself'...ive been quite. usually i have loads to say and im opinionated and im always smiling...lately ive been really withdrawn and quite and not been into doing things that i usually like...i dont see the point...i dunno wot the fukk im doing, i have no permanent place to stay, i get no money, problems wiv my relationship...i have very few mum has moved to luton from aylesbury and i stayed the for a few days after getting escorted from my boyfriends by the police...and i woz bored as fukk down there, i got to my aunt's and now im here for the rest of the gunna go back to my boyfriends soon and hopefully things will be glad ive had a break, done some good stuff today at the job things are looking up a little thanks to my aunty...but still, i dunno wot im doing :S
graceinsomniak graceinsomniak
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 17, 2012

<p>&nbsp;<p> stay strong, these things get better with perserverance and positive thinking. stay tru to your moral compass and don't listen to people that try getting you to answer your problems with substance abuse. Those people are trying to destroy you, only LOVE will cure. like Jesus, Buddah, Ghandi, and Mother Theresa </p><p></p>