I Love This Tuesday

Tuesday **** up call, well as you can guess it was a Tuesday morning a little after 6 AM was feeling wicked horney on my drive into work; I started ************ as I drove. I usually stop by a fast food place and grab a cup of coffee kind of a regular thing. There is a woman that I had chatted to from time to time when I go in…. Sorry got ahead of myself, ….well there I was driving into work wearing my shorts and t-shirt, with my little buddy out taking a beating during the ride as I pulled into the parking lot …….I had an evil thought…… What a surprise I get a lot of those hee hee hee, any who I adjusted myself went in ordered my coffee and sat across the women sitting there in a booth I had adjusted my shorts on the way over so when I sat down my little buddy would peep out, I sat down noticed her eyes move down than up and down again her eyes got wide like she just got a jolt of caffeine, she went back to coffee and told me its still hot may have to blow on it.
I wondered what her reaction would be laugh hysterically , scream like a banshee or want to see more, well there was no laughter or screaming so far so good. I figured I was off to a good start, she said nice shorts and I took a sip I told said thank you. Then she looked down again smiled and took another sip of her coffee. I was so excited, my little buddy was looking up at her as she looked down on him, she asked if I was excited about anything, I said yes dose it show, she came and sat next to me as I slid over her hand went to my thigh.
I moved over in the seat she asked me to sit up a little bit and pulled my shorts up more exposing my buddy, we were facing the playground so no one could see what was going on. Her hand rested on the head while she worked her hand over it felt so good she then moved her hand back to the mid part while squeezing it tightly stroking back and forth, I loved it I tried to act normal,…… Ya right me normal as if…… My heart was beating a mile a minute she took a sip and asked me how long I could last doing this I told her there was not enough time this morning I’m more of an oral person myself I prefer to get my partner off first than take care of what I need. She blushed and told me that her hand was tired I just thanked her. She looked down and told me very nice start to the morning and wished there was more time now she was going to be late as it is. I told her have a nice day
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41-45, M
Sep 18, 2012