The Indian Heritage

What is the first thought that comes to you when you hear the name "india"?The Tajmahal in Agra with its serene beauty telling a saga of eternal love ?Spicy curry that makes even a fussy foodie into a glutton? Sarees,the elegant and graceful costume for women?Diwali,the festival of lights and Holi,the festival of colours? Or maybe bharatnatyam,kathak and bhangra which make even people with two left feet to dance and rejoice
The list is endless. India is a country with rich wculture and tradition.we have different states where people speak different languagesbut that doesnt in any way separate us. We stand for unity in diversity.Known for our .whospitality,we make all feel comfortable. Do i sound like a tourist promoter?
Well,we have pitfalls like all.our population is ever exploding,unemployment is on the rise,lesser space for all,pollution is at its cruel best but every cloud has a silver lining right? We bounce back stronger with every problem. Whether it is the terrorist attacks on beautiful kashmir or corruption at the centre,we fight everything with determination and courage. We emerge victors. My country has taught me the values of truth,wisdom,honesty and cooperation. India is my country and am proud to be indian,proud of its varied heritage and all that it has to offer.
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Thank you..and what u said is absolutely true.u have both skyscrapers and slums in all indian cosmopolitan cities.

Nicely written, India trully is a great country. I like your sentence "We stand for unity in diversity", it's very true looking at the wide variety of religion and culture that is celebrated in India. I have been there 2 -3 times and was amazed by the dicotamy I saw, (going back a few years) coming out of the airport you see slums and beggars on the sidewalks, you go to the business & shopping districts and you see the opulunce. India has made great strides in the last 10 - 15 years. Last year I travelled to Delhi and was most impressed by the airport there.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of India is the river Ganges. But I do like the saris too.