It Was My Step-dad

I was 14 at the time. I walked into the house and my mom and her husband were in the living room drinking and watching a **** video. When I walked past them I looked at the TV and was walking slowly so that I could see as much as possible. My mom told me that if I wanted to watch it I could. I sat on the couch and was watching, I was kind of uncomfortable watching **** with my mom and her husband, but hey I was watching it and not getting in trouble for it. A few minutes later my mom asked me to go get them another beer and told me that I could have one also. I thought that this was getting better. Not only could I watch ****, but she was letting me drink too. I got the beer and sat back down. I am not sure how long it had been, but I heard something and looked over and my mom was topless and sucking my step-dads ****. He caught me looking and told me that I should take my pants off and play with myself. I said no, but both him and my mom started laughing at me and asking me if I was too shy to let someone see my ****. So I stood up and took off my pants and sat back down and started playing with myself. My mom actually reached over and started stroking me also. I don't remember exactly how it happened but the next thing I knew my mom had her **** in my face and I was sucking on them, then I felt something on my ****. I looked down and my step-dad had me in his mouth sucking me. I tried to push him away, but my mom said let him do it and she would also. She sat down and we were both watching him suck my little **** (remember I was only 14) and she put my hand on her ***** and told me to play with it. After a few minutes she got up and told him that it was her turn and she started sucking and playing with my ****. While she was doing this he came up and told me to suck him. I told him no, but my mom looked up and told me that he sucked me, so now I have to suck him. I touched his **** and then licked it. Finally I stuck it in my mouth and started doing it the way they were doing me. My **** was rock hard and my mom was sucking my fast. I got lost in the feeling of getting my **** sucked that I had not noticed that he put his hand on my head. All of a sudden my mouth filled up with *** and I started gagging. He was laughing, but my mom never stopped sucking me. I finally came in her mouth and she got up and looked at me and started laughing. I asked her what she was loaghing about, and she told me that I had *** all over my face.
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Awesum! Did it with my brother but not my Dad.

Now that sounds like fun to me.

Wow... This is interesting haha

so sorry

is this a real story?

Wow I had the same scenario but I am the step father.

What age was the son?


15 teen