Made Life A Mess

I was a working mom and after the birth of my second child I stayed at home. I had no friends and things went worse with my spouse. I had to regularly visit a medical professional. He started showing sympathy and later started acting up. Like a fool I kept going to him thinking I will finish the treatment and that I could withstand whatever charm he was throwing across. He did not cross any legal boundaries but  I guess he was having fun without breaking any rules. I am not hallucinating, the appointments grew longer and in the last appointments there were no one in the room. Earlier atleast one staff member was always there. I stopped going to him but came back one day after several months and made a fool of myself. He called my husband and spoke in gentle terms that i needed attention. From then on life spiraled down, I am recovering after several months. 

nagenemail nagenemail
Feb 17, 2010