We All Need Help

I joined this site not too long ago. I find a connection with so many people. Its hard to see that alot of people are hurting. Especially young teens. I find that alot of the older EP members push them away because they are too open or anoying. I think they are screaming for someone to care. They are missing something in their lives or have had so much taken and this is the only place they know how to be brutaly honest. I also feel for those moms out there that are having a hard time getting by... when my mom got divorced, the thing that she mentioned most was that no one understood her and she wished she had someone to go through it with her. Im glad all you Moms have EP.. take care of eachother. Support one another here.. If someone isn't taking this place seriously, remember that there is a reason for it. We all carry our pain differently

sindayla sindayla
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 24, 2009

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I find that honesty is a great quality in a person. I think everyone here at EP is here to share their experiences to help someone. Or to read others experiences to get help for themselves. Or to just meet people and form friendships. I try not to push anyone away and if at all possible, if I can help anyone, all the better. I love ALL people. I love life. And if my experiences so far in life help someone else, that would be a blessing to me. I appreciate you sharing how you feel. thank you. Have a blessed day.