objectifying Men At The Park Yesterday...

My recent vacation and the holiday have really messed up my sleep schedule so my run was really late yesterday. I only went because I feel incredibly fat and lazy but boy am I glad I did. For my efforts I was rewarded with not one but two shirtless male runners that can truly pull off the "no shirt sunday run" The weather was gorgeous, hardly any wind. Both were guys were likely early 30s maybe late 20s, but wow! The first guy was more real looking. Not tan, not too pale and had not waxed his chest for a dog and pony show. He had tats over his left shoulder and left pectoral area but not too much. It was tastful and art worthy although I didn't get too close a look despite passing him a number of times. The second guy was impressive but had a spray on tan almost not a natural color. I had to take my sunglasses off to decide but yea ...it was spray on tan. He didn't have a hair on his chest. Well again in the millisecond that I dared to look as we passed numerous times. He looked a little "matchy" also with his stylish blue shorts that weren't very short and his red shoes. Guy one looked like he truly was too warm to run without his shirt, and jumped out because he felt like a run.  Guy two looked like he was a little too worried about how he looked at the park and planned ahead. Both of them had excellent running form.  If i think about how i look at the park I end up not running. I wear the same thing everytime, i just add layers if it's cold and I have all my ipod accessories in the car. I have to admit I feel a little better wearing my running pants. I got them because they have a secret pocket for my key but... warranted or not I have much more confidence in my running pants than I do when I wear my basketball shorts. in the shorts, when paired with my hat, I look like a lesbian.It was hard to look at I have to admit. I could see these dudes in the distance and got all happy, only to avert my eyes when they got close. I mean I don't wanna be that pervy plain old lady staring down the young dude in an uncomfortable fashion. So i relyed on my peripheral vision and added a little poetic license.  Really i would hate it if I was just trying to work out and every time I passed a guy he was checking out my jiggly boobs. Wait! They don't move, i have those girls bundled up safe and tight in the jog bra. I'm trying to have excellent running form. 

what is the matter with me? hahaha
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Great story...next time provide pictures ;)

Happy Holidays!

Hahhaha!!! My bad

Funny post, with something deeper there too.