Around Me

I see everything... Everything about everyone. I know that I love her but I can't say anything about it. I know she feels something for me too but I don't know what kind of feeling she feeling for me and that is one of the reason y I can't say something back. The new kid from china he tends to talks the phone all the time.. Everytime I see him his on the phone calling or talking to somebody. We have a teacher and I can hide him in the name Michael he only wears blue short-sleeves shirts... Literally he only has blue short sleeves buttoned shirts. And I can find something about all my teachers my classmates or anybody in my around me to talk about but this story is gonna take awhile and you guys will probably get bored reading it so... Toddles :P
DaOneandOnlyOne DaOneandOnlyOne
18-21, F
Jan 17, 2013