Little Words and A Little Bit

elusive …. spare me the secrets
or non-spoken truths that exists
in the ether of your world. I am
not as fragile as you think, nor am
I naïve. This smile is not always in
love but instead in the knowing of
this game. Do you think it's not cute
for me to see you work so very hard?
Get rid of me, if you no longer need
me or release me to the sea... but
stop playing this one sided game far
too long for it to be fun anymore.
This little girl's heart is not desperate
nor is it exclusive, but holding onto
it like a permanent reservation keeps
other's from my banquet. Just speak
it and I'll be free... but, like a moth to
the flame, again and again, I will be
drawn to this game as long as you play.
Put me away, your reckless doll, maybe
then I can love on another who wants me.
GypsyHeartedPoet GypsyHeartedPoet
41-45, F
Aug 23, 2014