Some Things That Help Me

I experience mild depressed feelings and some mild anxiety at night. The level at which I experience it is noticeable to me but not generally super intense.

Some things that help me:

- I am careful what I watch on TV in the evening and esp right before I go to bed. I like to find interesting or funny shows - nothing intense, emotional or violent.

- I keep a book by my bedside that meets the same criteria as the TV shows.  I find that this keeps my mind away from my own internal dialogue that tends to lean toward the gloomy and fearful at night.

- I will sometimes take a hot bath or sit in front of my fireplace. These are both things that I find very relaxing. Fill in whatever you find relaxing here.

- I avoid alcohol because it ends up interrupting my sleep if I have more than 1 drink.

- I try to keep perspective about it. I know this is the way I generally feel at night and I just accept it and try to comfort myself rather than fight it, judge myself for feeling that way, or trying to over-analyze why.

These thing help mitigate my feelings at night, but I am also dealing with anxiety and sadness at the lower end of the spectrum. If anyone out there is especially worried about what they are feeling or if you find yourself in tears with any regularity, you should probably get some help from a licensed psychologist.

Good luck.

sd858 sd858
Mar 15, 2009