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I was driving home form work one day and had to stop at a traffic signal. Across the street there was a very well built man talking on one of the few pay phones left in our town. He was obviously a construction worker by the way he was dressed...very tight blue jeans, skin tight wife beater, construction boots and a work belt. He had the biggest bulge I had ever seen in his pants. That mound was just tearing at the seams of his jeans. I don't know how he got those pants...on they were so tight. I drove around the block 3 times to check him out....front and I would have love to see what was under his jeans!
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I'm in the construction business and I get to see my workers bulges every day. One of my contractors is this 5'3 little guy but ooh! Man he carries the biggest **** I ever seen. All the guts at work makes fun of him because of him been short and his big ****. One time we all went out for drinks. He got so drunk that I have to drive him to his house. When we arrive his wife came out thanked me driving him as we was getting of my truck. He started throwing up all over him. Thank god nothing went on my truck!!. Anyway his wife went got a hose and stated hosing him dow with water. I could tell she was pissed off bad!! I told her if she need help. She pulled his clothes getting him totally naked. That's when I had the chance to see his big **** about 9inch flaccid. His wife keep on hosing him down like a dog!! I felt bad for him. She was a *****!

Should have asked him for directions ;) haha

I believe I would've had to do the same as you did. That is if I even noticed the traffic signal had turned green. It's too bad that when we see a man and a bulge like that that we can't comment. Gay bashing is not what I want to experience in my lifetime. BTW, love your avatar! Is it really you?

yep...that is really me.

yes...that really is me.Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

had an appraiser come over, nice lookin dude 6 feet tall, short military hair cut, he was wearing somewhat tight shorts and when he would bend and stretch you could clearly see his bulge, wanted to touch it so fricken bad

Perhaps whomever he was talking to on the phone was giving him a *****. Wish I had been there!

i would have given him a ride and got into his pants

Hell with driving around - park and/or stand across the street with binoculars ! It's just like a nice paid of **** ! A hot guy in tight jeans with a big bulge and hard *** is like a died and gone to heaven moment !

i wish you was my dad

that a hot pic

thanks bud!