My Ex-boss Has Some Big Balls!!!

My ex-boss is the bear type. He is 30. Even though he is a large fellow, he is very handsome. He shaves his head, with a nice shape head. Cute face, with a goatee...he is naturally redish blond. He is strong. He has a deep voice and a great personality. He is about 5' 9". But the feature I like the best about him is the large bulge in his pants. He has a pair of balls on him!! They must be peach size each. He wears loose jeans and still you can see quite a bulge. And when he sits down they are just there, tantalizing you like ripe fruit ready for the taking. I often have fantasized about dropping in from of him and just sucking those balls dry. I think of him overpowering me with his strength and climbing on top of me and taking me from the back, feeling short of breath because of his weight on top of me and because he is ******* hard, as his balls slap against mine.

Needless to say, I had to finish this story in the bathroom at work. As I was walking to the bathroom he spoke to me and gave me that gorgeous smile...if only dreams would come true!
Ralphsnt69 Ralphsnt69
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8 Responses May 23, 2012

oh yes imagine licking the sweat off his nuts?

Cab you imagine your *** explosion if your dream comes true :)

I have to admit it is a favourite pastime of mine too. Whats in there, is it as big as it looks, would he let me, the questions go on.....

great story. You'd be surprised how dreams can come true sometimes. lol. Hope all is well sir. Would like to add you as a friend. If you're interested, add me.


Love bulges. Especially when they're in slacks/formal attires. Hmmm.

Yum!! Bulge watching is my obsession

Your boss sounds like wonderful ******* material! You'll have to find some excuse to take his photo. I love a big bulge on a man!