It's only one more thing to find something wrong with.
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You will never see your ears.
Reflections and photos are not ears.
Your ears are alive and perfect.

It's why I noticed them. Not the first thing I notice in a reflection. An ear certainly is a unique creation. The structure of them seems overkill :)

Maybe the structure is the story of how they came to be . . .they are the shape of their history as well as their function.

I guess because we don't have them in the center of the face, they get ignored.
I wonder how I would look with two noses on the side of my head.


oops, I meant "sides" lol. I mean two noses on one side of the head, that is mighty strange. People might talk. :)

I am glad you feel like playing today . . .I dont mind what configuration your features adopt.

:) remember Mr. Potato head? And let's not forget Mrs. Potato head.

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I noticed my ears too. Mine were large to start with and much the pity they have continue to grow as I age. Maybe I can be like Dumbo and one day fly. My nose continues to grow too, even though I stopped telling lies a long time ago. Whoops.

I think our mirrors are the culprit :)
Besides, we tend to look while in bright light. Soft lighting is preferable.

Perhaps said Alice, we should climb through the mirror and see if it looks better from the other side.