Interesting Discovery...

 I've always felt like some crueler form of me was inside me. Pointing out all the negative things in my life, and mixing all my emotions with anger. But I didn't feel like this all the time. Only every now and then.
    And now I've recently noticed that these mood swings only during the waning of the moon. Once the moon starts waxing, my spirits become high once again.
    Kinda weird huh?
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2 Responses Sep 19, 2007

I can totally identify with that. <br />
Now we are in a waxing moon until July 7, 2009<br />
I feel great now and I'm getting alot of inspiration<br />
and new ideas to make life better.<br />
<br />
It just so happens July 1 new month and second<br />
half of the the year starts today so that also makes it<br />
special. The month system has nothing to do with the<br />
natural cycles, but they happen to coincide, so my logical<br />
mind is happy and my natural feeling emotional mind is <br />
happy. Your interpretation fits with mine. Also seasons wise I love spring spring is a full moon time. late winter is new moon, fall is full and thick summer is new moon.<br />
Same basic feeling but the moon cycle changes throughout thank goodness. <br />
<br />
When I make my monthly list of things I want to achieve.<br />
I always get the best ideas when its a waxing moon.<br />
Sometimes I feel Like I'm in a cave without access to any<br />
inspiration but when the spring or waxing of the moon starts midway I feel so much. Try explaining this to a scientist. I have a friend with a doctorate in astronomy<br />
from Cambridge. He laughed and cited all the reasons I was an utter and complete fool! I'm not a fool I tell you.<br />
I trust my body and its orientation with the Cosmos.<br />
I'm a damn aquarius for goddsakes!

Not really. My theory is that the moon has an effect on the Earth's tides (due to gravitational pull), so I think it goes to reason that it would effect our bodies the same way since we are made up of mostly water.