I am convinced people's moods are affected by the phases of the moon.  I have had first hand experience.  When the moon is full & for several days before & after, I notice the calls I receive at work are just crazy.  People do go a little nuts.  I also know that ER's get alot more business on the full moon. 

I feel my moods change with the moon also.  I feel kind of doomed during the new moon.  I feel comforted by a waxing moon.  A little melancholy during the waning moon.  And, yes, I guess, I can get quite nuts during a full moon, too!  My own madness & the madness of others rubbing off on me!

darlene darlene
41-45, F
4 Responses Nov 20, 2007

i , on a full moon am usally horny pissed of then hungry(4 meat) then horny pissed of and hungry all over again...

Yeah I've been hearing that too, natural disasters, etc.

I think I did see something on that. Can't quite remember what is was though. I do know some think it means catastrophe.

I think planetary and solar action certainly influences us here on earth. Have you read about the grand conjunction occuring in late December. I have some hippie acquaintances that are freaking out saying it's going to be a wild time. We shall see.