~No Excuses Please~

This story is for healthy capable people who choose to whine and complain.

If no one loves you, love someone who has no one. If you are lonely and broke, walk to the nearest nursing home and talk to someone who has not had a visitor for years. If you are hungry, volunteer at your local soup kitchen or food pantry in exchange for your food, if you are depressed..THINK for a moment .... if you have eyes that can see, legs that can walk, a mind that can think, if you aren't in pain, overcome your selfishness and become grateful! If you are heartbroken or bored...help someone who is suffering more than you are. There is purpose and healing in service to others.You are the author of your happiness or your lack of it.
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5 Responses Feb 19, 2013

well said!

There is a lot of truth in this but I think people need to be sure that they have understood the very first line.

so true and the other point is you only have to open your heart to the earth and you will never be alone..mmmm..the sweetest love she gives..motherearth..thanks for putting this out there..love and peace..

Thank you.

You speak from my heart Hilly!

Thanks Ricki! xx

Oh Hilly, I hate it when someone starting "oh I'm so lonely, nobody care about me., poor me! Shoot me now!" That is so annoying. And in most cases completely untrue. There is someone there in the background, but they just ignore him or worse, push him away with those constant whining.

Hi Charming, I miss you!!! I haven't on much lately, hope to be on more often! Happy full moon night! xoxo