Guess Whose Looking!

As you know, when I went to La De Da I bought two matching brassieres. I purchased one in beige and one in black along with matching Fashion Forms Water Wear Push-up pads.

I wore the black one out of the store and to all the places I had to go that day. Chick-Fil-A for breakfast, NAPA Auto Parts and to McDonald's for a 2nd soft drink. It was such a wonderful day, that I started wearing the brassieres everyday since. I have gone shopping to Target, Micro Center, Batteries +, Chick-Fil-A, HEB Grocery store and Walgreen's. I have such a wonderful feeling when I have my brassieres on, holding up and pushing my breasts together.

Now I look at womens breasts all the time, always thinking how they would look if I had them on my chest. I would wonder how they would feel in my brassiere or under my shirts. I know how it feels now and it is wonderful. I have also learned something new though. How it feels to have people staring at your breasts. But it is not who you would think!

MEN don't even NOTICE by breasts. IT'S THE WOMEN! Every woman I have encountered are staring at my chest. At Chick-Fil-A, there was a woman, her daughter and her grand daughter. The Woman sent her daughter to get a refill just to check and make sure I was really wearing a brassiere. How do I know, because I saw the woman tip her head towards me while looking at her daughter who was walking up behind me. I glanced up over my shoulder and there was the daughter looking straight down my front. She didn't see me looking at her as she walked by and moved to her seat. She was nodding her head "Yes" to her mother as she sat down.

 At Micro Center, I asked a busy sales man for help with some batteries. He hurried off and asked a young lady to help me. The poor thing, she was so short that she was eye level with my nipples. She looked straight at them and then said, "Ah, what was it you wanted again?" She quickly turned away and went to a book to look them up. She told me over her shoulder, not turning around to look at me, "We didn't have the battery you need." She then told me to try Batteries +. The guys at Batteries+ didn't even notice.

I went to Target to get something. I couldn't find it so I picked up the help phone. I heard a voice in the store ask, "What can I help you with, sir?" from across the women's section. I answered, "I hear a voice but I can't see you." She raised up her hand and I walked over to where she was. By the time I got there, there were three girls there. I explained what I was looking for, but not one of them was looking at me, their eyes were glued to my chest. They weren't even trying to hide the fact that they were staring. I went to Dress Barn and Chico's looking for skorts. If these women noticed, they were very careful not to show it.

Then it was the girls at Walgreen's. I had been there the day before and dropped off some prescriptions. I know that the girl was trying to check it out but not be caught doing it the day before. The girl this day must have talked to her, because when see saw me coming up to the counter, she looked straight at my chest. Then she kept calling me "Sweetie". She had always called me by my last name before.

I have always felt that I am a girl and I have longed for breasts my whole life. Now I have between a "B" and a "C" cup. Do I regret having them, "NO!" Would I ever have them removed, "Never!" Do I flaunt them? No Way! I always wear large, thick Hawaiian shirts, never any tight T or Polo shirts. Will I continue to wear my brassieres, definitely! I feel wonderful wearing them, they keep my breasts from wiggling and love the feel of them. It just feels "Natural".

Do I feel embarrassed by people staring at my breasts? Maybe. I will just have to deal with those feeling as they come. Meanwhile, in the words of my best GG friend, "Sometimes, you just got to stick your tiddies out!"
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