Frilly Socks!!

got this email this morning!

On Monday, you are to wear lovely and frilly socks ALL DAY wherever your day takes you. What's more, you shall take a pix to send me of your fancy footsies while you are out and about.... working on your car, at post office, getting groceries, you choose. :o

WOW! This is a HUGE STEP for me! I will have to go from quite little sissy to flagrant, in your face sissy! This is really scary! I am still dealing with the women staring at my chest, now you want everybody to see me with frilly socks! I could explain away wearing the brasseries as gynecomastia. There is no explaining away frilly socks!

My comfort zone has been wearing rose nail polish on my longish fingernails. Wearing my brassieres (which I now fill out without any padding!) under my loose shirts. I am planning on wearing my brassiere to my next diabetes doctor's appointment, she will be surprised when she listens to my heart and lungs.

My hands are shaking just trying to type this! I have my pride! Well, maybe not after today! Well, I guess I will go dig out the frilly socks. Did I just say that? I am surprised!
leftboobbigger leftboobbigger
61-65, T
Aug 2, 2010