Was at a major league baseball game last night with a friend.  Just after the second inning, another fan came into our section and sat in the row in front of us, a couple of seats over.  I noticed he had an iPod (iPhone?) he was viewing.  Nothing unusual about that, until he suddenly had one in each hand!  He must have had them stacked together to start with (as I saw he did later).  And he was viewing both of them, back and forth.  I watched him select apps, scroll through them - at one point he sent a text message from one of them, all the while monitoring the second one too.  After an inning or so, he left our section; never did see him again.

Must be nice to be so important as to need TWO of those things!

(Get a life, fella... I do think he spent more time looking at those things than he did watching the baseball game.)
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1 Response May 8, 2012

I'm sure you've enjoyed viewing THE game and THE fan. LOL