i now manage my favorite group when i was in jhs

 hi all..well now i manage the original  ALICE COOPER  band growing up in bayside queens in the early 70,s i was surrounded by closed minded  greatful dull heads who didnt want to here anything other then the boreing dead with jerrys one repeated guitar solo again and again,or just as dull  was hot tuna or nrps etc allman bros were a bit better  and i liked the jefferson airplane but bill graham was closed minded!!  except for these gruops ..but revenge was mine when the original alice cooper band the band that influenced   kiss and maralyn manson etc opened for the dead at a show that had something to do with the film the  medicine ball caravan the alice cooper band were a jamming band befor there known hits like 'schools out' and' im  eighteen  'etc...and they could stop on a dime !!!!!  they  blew the dead off the stage [schools out for the dead]..forever ..JUST AWESOME  IT WAS VERY anticlimatic when the dead started there chugg a long set !!!ITS ALL  THEY  COULD DO AFTER THE ALICE COOPER BAND thoses dead heads  man  its a bad memorey  THESE SO  CALLED HIPPIES   to give the girls drugs/acid to get them to have sex just awefull stuff  in retrospect the grand funk fans did it with beer and downs and a ton of vomit which lead us to the quaalude /disco period no better or todays drugs named after your butt  crack etc.. please go to expose.org look for extra then interview with neal smith when i was in hs i had a great girl friend named ophelia after seeing and hanging out with lou reed and roxy music  i also remember muhammad ali kissing her on the check  in central park  we had a  a 6 year realationship some creep told her i cheated on her and she dumped me for this creep named anthony a loser who used her and left her  in about a months time  to say the least .   he would grin at me .the ***** !! all i said to this so called  friend was a other girl was interested in me and he used it against me so all of you watch out these are the types out there!!  'loose  lips sink ships'  i was the victim     of a **** block. my brother in law jim just recently told me about this ..something i didnt here befor.. i still miss my hs girl 30 years later !!! she is and was great.and should be my partner in music boxing and life but this is what happened ..ROCK ON GLENN LESLIE bigglenn@email.com 718 465 1661
glennleslie glennleslie
46-50, M
Dec 22, 2006