Starting Over

I came from a mentally abusive marriage ... when i got out of the psych unit in august of 2005 i went back to my apartment with my husband for  4 days and never went back except to get my clothes .. I lived with my mom for awhile ... then they bought us our own place for my children and myself ... 2005 to the middle of 2006 was a very hard period for me from coming out of my marriage where i was just a Wife .. i wasnt even a person anymore ... i had alot of weight issues and i had become co dependent on my husband and it continued after i left for about 8 months .. then i went into a respite center where i go to therapy at ...and everything started to come together ..when i got out in may i had finally started to become my own person  from then til now ive grown so much .. and i look forward to what  the rest of  2007 - 2008 brings me  ive  been gone almost 2 yrs now and  i have seen him once .. and that was at court .  but its all the better now and i cant wait to see where i take myself now ..
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i'm glad you've survived all the hardship you've gone through, and on top of that, become a great caring and strong individual in your own right. your story is inspiring! i wish you all the luck and love in the future. :D