I Actually Believed Him

I believed him the first time he told me he loves me.
Then things went downhill. I saw him break promises, and give his love to his "best friend" but I didn't do anything then. Iwaited and then boom! I broke up with him, but now that we are back together and in November it will be one whole year of us being together, I feel out of place, when I lived in Michigan I had a bf and we broke up when I changed schools but little did I know I would see him again. We saw eachother again this past summer and I was shocked. I couldn't believe it he moved from there to here too.
So we are friends and every now and then we will run into eachother, well we live in the same neighborhood so its not a surprise that happens, anyways it's like I should be dating him instead everytime I am with my bf I feel like we are falling farther apart but, shouldn't it feel like we are getting closer.
Well I feel like I should break up with him so I can figure things out. But I am really not so shure about what to do right now.
Any advice?
Hydergirl4ever Hydergirl4ever
13-15, F
Oct 27, 2012