When you fall in love it is a marvelous thing.  You feel almost invincible, walking around like nothing can touch you.  However when he leaves you behind it leaves you in darkness, feeling like your heart has been ripped out, and as if there is no emotion left within you.  It makes you afraid to share that emotion with the next person and it is very hard to overcome.

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It's hard, but not impossible if the love is true, and they respect you.

You do deserve to be loved and I am glad that you are realizing that.

I am sorry.

You will love again fungirl. Hurt heals and a new person can help with that process. It does get better.

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We are all a confluence of genetics and experience. We are what we are. <br />
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I guess that i am trying to say that whether we punish our next partner or not is already programmed in. It is so very difficult to be somebody other than this.<br />
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Your new partner has to accommodate this and give you time to become the new you that YOU are happy to be.<br />
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love and peace<br />


((((((((((((((((((((((((fungirl))))))))))))))))))))) sometimes words aren't enough.

yeah,I was surprised to feel physical pain in my heart not too long ago,I thought that was just mythological...will I trust again?willing to try,but with a warier approach,possibly.I've heard that heartbreak can inspire an even more powerful sense of universal,unconditional love-so I'm hoping to open more to that and let myself feel more fully in the interim.

I'm sorry you were hurt Fungirlmmm.

The crash of a loss brings an oportunity for another great feeling; an oportunity for a new relationship.

You have to be very careful to not punish the next love for past wrongs done by someone else. It's very difficult indeed. You can't bankrupt your emotions on anyone or you'll never survive. That's life, everyone plays the game differently.