Fresh Wounds

I feel like I have to hand out pamphlets to people now before I engage in a full on relationship of any kind lol....even friendship.....something where they can check off what they are or are not like:

1.) are you emotionally unavailable?

2.) do you lie to keep what you are really like undercover?

3.) If I had a problem and needed you there ...could you handle it?

4.) what is the longest friendship you have had and how many friends have you left behind and why?

5.) what do the words, 'I love you" mean to you?

6.) How often do you do things for another just to make them feel good and show you care?

7.) what kind of sense of humor do you have and how often do you use the words...'I was only joking'?

8.) do you have commitment issues? 

9.)Do you suck another's energy life force and offer nothing in return?

10.) do you like to argue or take the opposite view simply to disagree and cause mayhem?

11.) Do you think kindness is weakness?

I'm sure I'll think of a ton more or maybe better ways of asking...but I have a couple of relatively new and deep wounds of which I am trying my best not to be bitter by or give up completely on the concept that people like me do exist...

Please feel free to add to my check list of weeding out those that really don't give a damn about anyone's feelings or worth in life but themselves.



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2 Responses Jul 16, 2009

for my part: have you ever used your job or anothers flaws as an excuse to not accept your share of emotional responsibility in a relationship?

good story and Id say I have to agree with this list!