#1 not an attention seeker
#2 i consider myself as a level headed person
#3 I am not a "normal" teen who thinks It's cool to do so because it's the latest trend
#4 it causes infection, puss. and I don't have time to sterilise the knife or whatever they use only to inflict pain.
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Did you ever self harm?
People can mutilate themselves and not be an attention seeker.

Here I'm referring to those who do that and post pictures of themselves expecting sympathy or attention. And thanks for telling me. It's supposed to be sympathy seekers

Is it wrong to seek sympathy? If so, why? I don't mean attention whoring, but seeking sympathy.
I think posting your photos of your injuries is attention whoring, but I believe you have a very skewed version of self mutilation. Incredibly skewed.
I really like your username.

Why in the world would you wanna harm yourself. If you read #4, it's only gonna lead to that and a few people here and there telling you to stop doing it. cutting is NOT the only option.

No offense, but your ignorance is immense.
I have never had an infection. Self mutilation for some people is a last resort that keeps them alive.
Some people definitely mutilate themselves for attention, but others don't want anyone to know.
It isn't the only option, but sometimes your mind (which you don't seem to understand whatsoever) tricks you into thinking it's the best option. That's why it's called mental illness. Your mind tricks you into thinking it's the best way out.
It can be a very real addiction. Much like nicotine or drugs.
Please, before you spew your hatred (because that's what this is) educate yourself.
I mean none of this as offense, but you're talking about things which you know obviously know nothing about.

1 you did not have an infection, well not all teens maybe hygienic enough. I think YOU should seriously educate yourself about that.
2 as I had said earlier, I am referring to those who do that in order to seek sympathy. and not the ones who are facing genuine anxiety problems. your eyes are not buttons or for decoration so learn to use them before commenting.

Is there a risk to self mutilation? Yes. But there's a risk for everything. And just so you know, I gave myself second degree burns and burns are more likely to get infected than just about any other wound.
And I asked you if there was something wrong in seeking sympathy? Is it not natural to want someone there by your side during your worst times?
Your comment on "facing genuine anxiety problems" shows how ignorant you are. I have never mutilated myself over anxiety and anxiety is a lesser evil in my battle with severe mental illness.

point out where exactly did I say attention seeking, self harm, seeking attention is "wrong"? well I am expressing my views here that's certainly not wrong!!!
just to let you know there is a difference between self harm, seeking sympathy, seeking attention and sharing your feelings with someone. I'd say the last one that I mentioned is the right way to go about things (I'm not expert at giving advice but I guess that's what is the most logical way of going about things)

whatever maybe the reason for self harm, family problems love life etcetera it all can be summed up through depression/anxiety.

You didn't say it, you implied it. "I consider myself as a level headed person" implies that a person who does do it is not level headed. Your whole post implied and portrayed self mutilation and people who engage in self mutilation in a negative way.
There are differences, but they intertwine.
Most people don't understand severe mental illness and many even demonize it, so why would they talk to people who wouldn't understand their problems anyway?
It cannot be summed up through depression and anxiety. I mutilated more from anger than anything else. I'm sorry, but you're very ignorant on this issue.

WHY THE FCK DONT YOU GET IT!!!! I REPEAT IN UPPER CASE THAT THIS IS NOT MEANT FOR THE GENUINE CASES!!!!!!!! are you seriously thick skinned or is it that you have replaced your eyes with buttons?

"there are differences... wouldn't understand their problems" as an emotional support, to assure them someone's there for them


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Good thinking, you should just use that knife to cut & butter your bread.