Where Are All the Other So Called News Media

One of the most difficult things I've watched is the dying of our country's news media.  Newspapers and television news the most.  Never before in our history have we needed the abilities of the media in all forms to bring forth truth rather we liked it or not to us.

For the past few years it has failed.  No longer are we able to get truth from or get news coverage that stirs up the getting to the truth.  I remember back when watergate hit.  If it had not been for two reporters and an newspaper editor doing their jobs we the citizens of this country would not have know about it.

Yet, today the media in the two most important forms (no longer is this the case) have failed.

Yet, there appears to be one that is pulling away from the rest.  Many here and elese were put Fox news down.  Yet, their ratings are more than the others all combined.  Why is that?

Now, Fox Business is pulling out from the others to get informaiton to the citiizens when none of the others are.  What happened to the inquiring minds of reporters that questioned everything and everyone?  The inquiring minds that wanted all of the story not just what they were fed?  Are they now a part of the past?  Are we to just to become a nation of people who do not question what is going on around us are in our country?  Do we have to become mindless zombies and just accept what we are given without question?

Treasury ordered to turn over bailout records

Feb 20 03:27 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - A federal judge has ordered the Treasury Department to give the Fox Business Network records about how the agency spent billions in bailout money.

The network filed requests under The Freedom of Information Act for records related to the funds spent on American International Group, the Bank of New York Mellon and Citigroup. The network specifically asked the department to identify the troubled assets purchased, any collateral extended and any restrictions placed on the financial institutions for their participation in this program.

U.S. District Judge Richard Holwell ruled Friday that the Treasury must comply with the request by March 23.

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5 Responses Feb 21, 2009

I agree. I'd love to see 6-year term limits, and have to be re-elected every two years. That would make it easier for us to control what they do, instead of them controlling what we do.

There are lies on both sides. We have just got to get better qualified people into our government offices. The job is not being done for the good of the country and the people as a whole but more for personal reasons to benifit the individual in office. Each elected official wants power over the others.<br />
<br />
Look at most of the comments in the groups that speak of current events and some in our history. There is so much it is the other sides fault. We need to get passed that and really see what WE as the American people need to do to correct the problems and not depend on our so called elected leaders. They have more than proven for many many years now they do not know what they are doing.<br />
<br />
It is time we forced them to do what we as a people together want done for the good of our country.

Liberal media = Hide the truth and make everything seem as though we're collapsing during a republican administration, and hide the collapse and make things seem all good during a democrat administration. <br />
<br />
Moral to the story.... they always lie.

Whut - Alan Colms is still very much a part of Fox they did not get rid of him. I always like it when they have him on there.<br />
<br />
The whole point of the story was to show that the Fox Business (not news) channel is taking things further and really trying to get answers.

I'm sure you're familiar with the term liberal media. Fox is BLATANTLY right wing conservative, you will admit that at least? They just recently got MORE right wing when they got rid of Alan Colmes. <br />
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I hear Bill O'Reilly talk about how pathetic the NY Times and MSNBC are....so if the so called liberal entities (NY Times & MSNBC) are so pathetic and have such tiny sales and ratings and are "irrelevant"... then where is this so called liberal media bias that we hear about coming from? Like you said, Fox has a huge command on ratings, and Murdoch's other companies (Wall St Journal & NY Post) also have huge numbers... <br />
<br />
You can't have it both ways. You can't say that Fox dominates all the pathetic liberal media outlets, and at the same time whine and complain about this phantom liberal media bias that's infecting the country. MSNBC/NY Times are either successful at reaching people and shaping opinion, or they aren't. They cannot be BOTH.