More of Our Tax Dollars Given Away

Here is another way our tax dollars are given away by the Obama team.  Many Americans can't pay for college but we will give it away for others to go.

Clinton Announces Scholarship Program for Palestinians
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has announced a new million-dollar scholarship program to help Palestinian students enroll at Palestinian and American universities. Mrs. Clinton announced the Middle East Partnership Initiative during a visit to this Palestinian town last week. The four-year program will support about 10 scholarships each year for disadvantaged students to attend four-year courses at Palestinian universities. The program will also offer 25 “opportunity grants” to enable promising but disadvantaged young Palestinians to apply to American-accredited institutions in the United States or the Middle East, a State Department official told The Chronicle. Once funds are approved by Congress, Mrs. Clinton hopes to begin the program in the 2010-11 academic year. The money is in addition to $900-million in aid to the Palestinian Authority announced by the secretary last week at the donors’ conference, in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. During her visit to an American-sponsored English-language teaching program in Ramallah, Mrs. Clinton said the opportunity grants would create “a larger pool of capable young men and women from places like the West Bank and Gaza” who can “compete along with students in other countries for the opportunity to further their academic training in America.” The secretary spoke on a youth program aired by Palestinian Authority TV. Last year several Palestinian students from Gaza who were awarded Fulbright scholarships ran into difficulty entering Israel to complete the application process, and two of them were subsequently denied entry visas to the United States on security grounds.

Editor's Note: With all the furor awhile back about President Obama's intentions regarding the movement of Palestinians to the US...does anyone want to continue that debate now?

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

it could have helped some of our own poor kids that want to go to college. It could have done a lot for those in need here in this country.<br />
<br />
The dems and liberals yell how the conservitives and the republicians don't care but we are the ones upset about all of this. Guess we are just to selfish to want this money to stay here and help Americans first.

Could that have feed the homeless in the US? Could that have paid down the national debt in the US? Could that have been put to any worthwhile use in the US?<br />
<br />
Evidently not!