What Does  'growing Old Gracefully' Really Mean?

 Does it mean we let our physical body go as age will surely bend our backs and cause our joints to swell in painful reminders that we are not as young as we used to be? That no longer can we look in the mirror and see a visage that resembles the best years of our lives, but instead see the lines of life we lived.
The bright colors of youth turned into mouldering gray and hair that's growing in the most unseemly places?
Or usefulness slowly letting go, as youth runs circles around us gaily spewing out childlike joy as we watch, wondering where it all went.

Let it be the wisdom of ages that allow our minds to break free of the binding of immaturity and share unreservedly; love and compassion, heartfelt kindness and patience beyond years.
Strength of hands can be replaced by tenderly teaching  progeny, when warmth and understanding fails other, younger hands.
The graying head adorning eyes glittering with mirth that can't be suppressed by the folly of youth, and a mouth smile-ready to laugh at adversity...
For given enough time age becomes a fine wine, and time is kind also to cheese and balsamic vinegar. Who would not care to sweeten the palate with ingredients such as these?

This is what the hope would be for me.
Indie42 Indie42
46-50, F
1 Response May 4, 2012

Growing old gracefully is not how I look at the passing days. Living is living and we all grow old. However, to give into it with a graceful feeling is not how I choose to follow the path of nature. I will not give in I will not be bullied! I am going to live life as fast and as hard as possible under the dimensioning expectations of physical capacity. I met a 98-year-old woman the other day at my father's rest home. The first thing she said was "I am 98 and have no one to date. She laughed and gave me a wink. Now that woman was a hero of the human condition. Fast cars, fast women, good food, and a "devil may care" attitude" is the way to end one's existence on this earth.