I am inspired by u:


I am inspired to love life more, because of u!

 I am inspired to enjoy life more, because of u!

 I am who I really am, because of u!

  I have never have had a good laugh before that made me realize how truley blessed I am, but because of u, now I can!!

    I have never been able to control my emotions with crying, but because of u, I am am able to control my emotions better!

 I have never felt so safe before, until u came along, picked me up and wraped me in ur arms!

    I can honestly say because of u, I am inspired to reach out too others, and help them see how wonderful life and loving someone can be!!!

 I have never been so happy before, but u and ur golden heart came along, and u have made me the happiest person in this world ever!!

    I have never been able to deal with stress really well, but because of u, I can now say " One day at a time, I cannot get a head of myself, for I do I am gonna get hurt emotionally"!!!!

           I can honeslty say I once thought about having plastic surgey done to correct the things I hated, and I even once thought about having a sex change, but because of u, I now know through u and ur golden heart, that " I am beatiful and I was made to be me", through u, " I am finally conftronable in my own body"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For in my past I was scared and afarid to let down all my walls and boundiers, but because of u, I realized that only in the long run, I was just getting more hurt, because of u, I have let all my walls and boundiers down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                            U are my inspiration to wake up every moring and too take in a new deep breath of fresh clean air, u are my inspiration too keep on going and keep on fighting for what I want in life. U are my inspiration to how I have changed and grown to be a better person and a better woman, who has respect and love for herself, but not being boastful either!!



              My inspirtaion of everyday life is not only my faith number 1 but right underneathe my higher powers is my bf the greatest person and inspirtation number 2 in this world, Frank my bf!!! Frank I love u so much!!!!

mysterygirlsky mysterygirlsky
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 9, 2010

It's beautiful that your higher power is first in your life! TAKE CARE!!!